Who We Are And What We Do

KleiderHaus is a young but very successful bespoke furniture manufacturing company based in Buckinghamshire. We produce whole range of bespoke, made to measure furniture, from fitted wardrobes, sliding doors, kitchens, under stairs storage units to custom made bathroom furniture. Any awkward spaces is not an obstacle for us.

Every order receives our careful and prompt attention, from design, manufacturing, installation and after care.  Our professional design team will create furniture that brings out the best in your own unique style. You'll be amazed at how affordable our pieces can be, too.

At kleiderHaus we continuously listen to the ideas and desires of our customers to make sure that our furniture meet everyone expectations and needs.
Our technical engineers and designers consistently exploring latest fashion trends and new innovations to offer you furniture of tomorrow, which will stand the test of time.
We have endless choice of different materials and accessories to create unique and stylish bespoke furniture, to suite any taste and budget or style.

Our in-house production team uses only first class materials and the production is indicative of the pride of the countless generations of craftsman who have sought to demonstrate their high standard of cabinet making, lacquering and painting. We have perfect solution for every space, from standard bedroom to awkward  loft converted room with sloping ceiling.

We offer complete service to lead you every step of the way, from property visit, planing, 3D design, installation, aftercare, so you have peace of mind.

Let's plan your dream home together - contact us now!

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